Key Page Layout Points


Page Size

The file size should be larger than the final printed page size (or "trim" size). E.g: If your page size is 8.5x11", your document should be at least 8.75x11.25" to accommodate the bleed area. Do not make your document excessively bigger than your file. Just enough so you have a decent sized bleed area. A surprising amount of files that are submitted are the exact size of the trim size. This causes delays as we have to ask the client to fix their files.


Inside Pages

Inside text pages should be in single page layouts. We strongly recommend that you put all pages in one art file to prevent confusion of page order and to help us receive your files faster.



 There are altogether four cover pages. An outside front cover, outside back cover, inside front cover, and inside back cover. If the binding choice is saddle-stitching, you do not need to worry about the layout of the cover. Just put them in your file as single pages.

To calculate the spine size for perfect and PUR bound publications, you will have to calculate the weight of the paper stock multiplied by the number of pages in the publication. We have a calculator in Instant Quote for you to input your specifications and to generate the spine size.

When making the layout, you will need to include your spine with your covers. For example, an 8.5” x 11” document with a .375” spine should have a width of 17.375” (8.5” x 2 + .375”) and a height of 11”. And if you add bleed for safe trimming, the overall layout size should have at least a width of 17.625” (17.375 + 0.25 ) and a height of 11.25”.

The image on the first page-from left to right-will include the Outside Back Cover (OBC), followed by the spine, followed by the Outside Front Cover (OFC). The image on the second page will include the Inside Front Cover (IFC), followed by the spine, followed by the Inside back Cover (IBC). The inside spine should be left completely blank. If there is a printed image on the inside spine, the glue used to bind the publication will not properly adhere to the paper and the pages will eventually loosen and fall out. A blank inside spine allows the glue to better adhere to the paper.

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2.Sample template Adobe pdf



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